Aluminum Wiring Replacement – Alpharetta, GA

Aluminum wiring

There are lots of homeowners in the Alpharetta area that still have aluminum wiring in their homes. Whenever they need an Alpharetta aluminum wiring replacement, they call Old-Fashioned Electric. Since 2001 we have been on board as our Alpharetta electrician is dedicated and committed to delivering good electrical services to the area.

This type of wiring was once used in homes during the 1960s and 1970s. It was widely used because it was readily available. Aluminum tends to have a greater conductivity than other types of metals. It was eventually discontinued.

One of the downfalls to having this type of wiring is that if it is not installed properly it can cause a house fire. The expansion of this wiring is also referred to as “cold creep.” It’s called this because it expands when it’s hot and contracts when cold.

Benefits of an Alpharetta aluminum wiring replacement service:

  • Makes homes safer
  • Less fire hazards
  • Helps improve conductivity
  • Cost less to manage

Your home should be a safe place. In order to make your home the safe place it deserves to be, you are going to eventually have to replace the wiring as older homes possess older wiring. If your home is over 30 years old, then let our electricians take a look a the wiring.

Don’t stress if you have heard horror stories about aluminum wiring. Of course any type of wiring can be potentially dangerous, but there are lots of contractors and electricians out there who are not familiar with it and talk it down.

When you decide that you need a replacement, call Old-Fashioned Electric. For many years we have been servicing the Alpharetta area. You can take advantage of this and many other fine electrical services just by giving us a call.

You will observe signs whenever you need to replace your wiring. These signs are major indicators that you need to take action immediately. In order to avoid problems such as a house fire, then call the electricians that can help.

Signs that you need to have your wiring replaced:

  • Warm outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Non-working circuits
  • Burning plastic smells

You can choose to have your home’s wiring replaced with copper as it tends to be the method that many homeowners are going with these days. There are lots of great qualities that copper offers, but it does not offer the same reliability and conductivity that aluminum does.

Have Old-Fashioned Electric take care of your Alpharetta aluminum wiring replacement. Your home depends on better aluminum wiring and you can have that by taking advantage of our wiring service.

If you are looking for Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Alpharetta then please call 678-334-7758 or complete our online request form.