The Benefits & Advantages of Knob & Tube Wiring in Milton, GA

Benefits advantages knob tube

Do you know a lot about Milton knob & tube wiring? If you still have it in your home, then you need to research the benefits and advantages of this wiring as well as having a local electrical contractor inspect it to see if it’s up to code. Your home could be in danger and you wouldn’t even know unless you researched the type of wiring you have.

This particular type of home wiring was used in homes during the 1940s. Electrical wires were anchored by ceramic tubes, which are insulated, that pass through tubes that are placed inside holes that are drilled into the joist of the home.

Issues that come with a lot of home’s wiring is that it gets old over time. This is true about all types of wiring especially knob & tube. The problem that a lot of homeowners face is the downside of this wring. It is not supposed to touch insulation.

Disadvantages of Milton knob & tube wiring:

  • Unsafe modifications
  • Insulation becomes a fire hazard
  • Sags over time
  • Lacks grounding conductor

As there are lots of disadvantages there are also lots of benefits of having this wire type in the home. You may not know a lot about your home’s wiring, but it’s really the veins of the home. Without it, there would be no working appliances or lights or anything electrical for that matter.

Advantages of knob & tube wiring:

  • Has a higher ampacity than other types of home wiring
  • Are less likely to be punctured
  • Porcelain components have a long lifespan
  • Superior to other types of wiring

Getting insured on a home that has knob & tube wiring can be the tricky part. Before a home is purchased, there has to be an inspection done on it. You can hire someone that you know, who is certified, or you can go with one who is recommended by the realtors.

Either way, you will have to have this done so that the home is assessed accordingly. Once it is, then you can have an electrician come out to take a look at your home’s wiring. They will alert you to whether the home is inhabitable or not.

Also, an electrician will let you know about getting the home insured with the type of wiring that’s in place. You can always trust Old-Fashioned Electric for all of your Milton knob & tube wiring needs. They’re concerned about the wiring in your home and can repair or replace it.

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