Advice From Your Alpharetta Electrician

Advice from your alpharetta electrician

Having problems with your power is never easy, and as your favorite Alpharetta Electricians, we don’t want to see you left in the dark when your power goes out so we’ve put together some advice for you.

When the lights and heating go out in your Alpharetta, GA home, you’ll want to know what to do before you have to call in a local Alpharetta electrician. After all, you count on your electrical power to keep you safe and warm in your home. Without lights or air, you and your family will be looking for ways to get the power back up quickly.

Once you get enveloped in darkness, you don’t want to be left hunting around in the dark for your breaker boxes, so the first thing you’ll need is some candles or flashlights within easy grasp. Keeping some lighting options in various locations around the home is the best idea.

You’ll also want to be sure to know where your breaker box or panel box is located. You’ll want to check the panel box to see if a breaker has tripped. The breaker trips when a circuit becomes overloaded. Overloaded electrical circuits can be caused by numerous things including surges or too much power being drawn through the line.

As electricians who care about our customers, we always advise them to find out where the electrical panel box is located. Knowing where your panel box is located prior to any type of electrical outage is a good idea. That way, it will be easy for you to go right to it when the power goes out in your Alpharetta home. The breaker will be in the “off” position if it trips. First you’ll want to make sure everything is turned off first and then just flip the breaker back to the “on” position.

If the breaker continues to trip, it’s time to contact the professionals at Old-Fashioned Electric. You may need to have your panel box examined for problem. Panel boxes can get outdated and need to be upgraded.

If no breaker is tripped, you may want to call the power company or ask a neighbor if they have power before you call in your favorite electricians at Old-Fashioned Electric. There could be a power outage in your Alpharetta area.

Some older homes have fuse boxes instead of breakers. If you have a fuse that’s blown, you will be able to tell by the discoloration and look of the fuse. You can replace the fuse yourself, just be sure you use the right amp fuse for the appliances and outlets that circuit supports. Again, if the fuse blows after being replaced, it’s time to call in your Alpharetta electricians.

Some electrical problems will be caused by appliances or devices that short out. Your problem could be the device or appliance overloading the circuit with surges. That’s why it’s important to turn off and unplug everything before replacing the fuse or turning the breaker back on after it trips.

With electrical power, safety is always first. The last thing you want to see happen in your Alpharetta home is an electrical fire or shock. As your local electricians, we don’t either! If you ever find yourself in the dark when the lights go out and don’t know what to do, feel free to call us right away. Our reliable electricians can take care of everything for you, big or small.

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